Job seeker

Crew Manning offers its job applicants attractive and well-paid jobs on any type of cargo ships (bulk carriers, tankers, gas carrier ships, container ships, RoRo, etc.), offshore ships, platforms and facilities, both seagoing and river cruise ships, luxury motor and sailing yachts. You can hold a position depending on your qualification, any additional certificates you have, your competency, any additional certificates, internships, etc., and you have the opportunity to work for one of the best and biggest companies providing the possibility for a very good professional development and career.
We will provide assistance and support at every stage of your professional preparation to start working for a company you’d like to work for; we will give you the necessary information about any documents, certificates, requirements, duties and specifics of the position you will hold, information about the ship, navigation area, etc.
We, Crew Manning, provide an intermediary service for all job applicants that is completely FREE OF CHARGE and no fees of any type will be collected from job seekers or seafarers who have already been approved! Job applicants will only bear the costs of acquiring personal documents such as a passport and a seafarer’s document and any other documents they will need when travelling. At the request of the applicant, we can assist in issuing or renewing visas for the states where it is needed.
Our main objective is to help applicants receive detailed information about the terms and conditions of their employment contracts and make sure that all international rules and requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) are complied with. Each applicant will go through a clear and effective selection procedure. This way we will be able to make a fair judgement about their abilities and professional skills. This information will help us select the right jobs for you which will reduce and significantly optimize the process of providing employment on different types of ships.
We partner with well-established and loyal companies seeking highly trained specialists for long-term jobs, providing good remuneration and a well-developed system for staff promotion and professional growth and this allows for your fast professional development.
We, Crew Manning Bulgaria, understand that meeting your requirements and needs to the maximum extent is a guarantee of your good motivation and, ultimately, a guarantee of the successful performance of the entire crew. Consequently, we are particularly careful in the selection of job vacancies we offer. Our service meets all national and international requirements, regulations and laws and adheres to morality, goodwill, competence and full transparency in recruiting and selecting staff. One of the basic principles we stick to is to always be kind, loyal and friendly to all current and future clients. We maintain constant communication with you and it helps us continuously update information which is a prerequisite for taking decisions and actions to improve the quality of our service.
Preparatory courses, qualifications and retraining, acquisition and renewal of certificates.
Before going aboard, you often have to go through various preliminary trainings required by the particular employer. At our meeting, we will inform you where and how you can receive such training and we will recommend qualification centres, schools or courses so that you will obtain the certificates required by the employer.
Crew Manning Bulgaria is developing a program for trainees and cadets. The first program is intended for students who are still studying, while the latter is intended for graduates. This program aims to prepare you for job positions in maritime shipping and ship navigation. It will help you specialize in working with ship machinery, mechanisms and ship electrical equipment. The duration of employment contracts is usually 3 to 6 months for trainees and those who can take advantage of the program are students in degree program “Ship Machines and Mechanisms” in their second year, and students in degree program “Ship Navigation”, “Maritime Shipping”, “Shipboard Electrical Equipment” in their third year.
Crew Manning Bulgaria is looking for specialists for the following positions: